HORECA Comeback was set up to support companies in the hospitality sector in Belgium during the coronavirus crisis, as they had to close their doors for several months.

The initiative allowed consumers to contribute to support one or more HORECA establishments, by buying vouchers they could use in their favourite restaurants, snack bars and cafés once they re-opened. This extra support helped the most vulnerable venues to get through this difficult period and ensure reopening.

Besides the Belgian Brewers, #HorecaComeBack was made possible thanks to several partners from the beverage and food sector.

The campaign was a great success and resulted in a large number of vouchers being sold for the beloved Belgian hotel and catering sector, worth some 1,033,953 euros.
The scheme is still open and employers can still purchase company vouchers for their customers, staff or business relations until 31 October 2020.

More info: https://www.horecacomeback.be

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