Responding with solidarity

During the COVID19 crisis, all the activity from the sector was rightly put on hold to mitigate the worst of the coronavirus spread, keeping customers and staff out of the social venues where they may have been at risk of catching the coronavirus.


During the lockdown, people were not able to socialise and connect in person.

Things moved quickly:

  • Some breweries switched from making beer to making hand sanitiser.
  • Support was given in solidarity to front-line staff, those working to keep us safe.
  • Research knowledge and resources were shared with those working to find cures, treatment and preventions
  • Voucher schemes were quickly set up by brewers to allow consumers to pay forward, for the beer they would consume when the bars would reopen, but providing much needed liquidity to the bars there and then
  • Marketing space was handed over to public authorities to deliver the public health message to the citizens


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