Belgians were no longer able to go to a café or restaurant during the lockdown that came into force on March 13. Almost all catering establishments were facing a period without income and so AB InBev wanted to support its partners in this difficult period by encouraging consumers to support their local pubs and restaurants.

An initiative called Café Courage (steun jouw bar ! / soutien ton bar ! / support your bar !) was launched in response, which meant that consumers could buy vouchers they could then hand into their favourite pub once the sector was able and safe to reopen.

Money raised by the scheme was transferred to the establishment within a week, and AB InBEV provided one beer for every beer bought by consumers until they have given away the equivalent of 3.6 million pints in Belgium and 500 000 in Luxembourg. That was how they brought consumers and their favourite pubs closer together, despite the pandemic and its restrictions.

With more than 2,805 registered catering establishments, 222,271 ordered pints and more than 625,429 EUR received in beer and donations, this campaign was deemed to be a great success.

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