Supporting the reconnection of
brewing and the hospitality sector

The impact of Covid19

Hundreds of thousands of bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants across Europe had to shut down to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Literally overnight, citizens lost the meeting spots where they would come together to relax and socialise, thousands of breweries lost their most valuable connection to their consumers and one third of the European beer market disappeared. Breweries cut production and many bars will unfortunately have served their last beers.

No return to normal

Now, the hospitality sector is being invited to reopen, but this must be done in a safe and sustainable way.

A revitalised hospitality sector, supported by a prosperous brewing sector will mean increased value, revenues and job creation throughout the beer value chain, helping to reignite the wider society and economy.

With increased costs, reduced capacity, fewer customers and decreased sales, these establishments, typically very small businesses, will need targeted, ongoing and continued support as consumer confidence gradually recovers.

Reconnecting people
and the value chain

These social hubs and the breweries that supply them are an integral part of the European fabric: its identity, culture, society, tourism and economy, its heritage and its future.

As the lockdowns end and citizens are encouraged to once again go out and socialise, it is TIME TO #RECONNECT. To reconnect with family and friends. To reconnect communities. To reconnect with our favourite bars and restaurants. To reconnect the beer kegs and barrels. To reconnect the beer value chain, from grain to glass.

Time to reconnect with your family
Time to reconnect from grain to glass
Time to reconnect with your favourite bar
Time to reconnect with supply chain
Time to reconnect the kegs
Time to reconnect with our grassroots

Time to support the hospitality sector

The Brewers of Europe and its members, promoting the interests of ten thousand breweries in Europe, are calling for support to businesses in the hospitality sector. To ensure a safe and sustainable recovery and support those most hit by the shutdowns, we urge EU, national and local governments to pursue the following options under existing EU legislation:



A significantly reduced VAT rate in the hospitality sector on the service of food and drinks, including on the supply of products such as beer that are so dependent on hospitality

Coffee Bean

Grant & loans

Grants as well as flexible loans that support hospitality businesses with sufficient liquidity to survive, reopen in an economically viable manner and ultimately thrive once again.

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Excise tax

Facilitate the recovery of excise tax paid on unsold beer, and review and reduce tax rates (including for smaller brewers or lower alcohol beers), to allow brewers to finance their support of the hospitality sector and stimulate economic recovery, supporting consumers and the whole brewery value chain


We need you to be part of the conversation – use #RECONNECT to share stories of how your sector, business or experience has been during this time.


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