The Brewers of Europe have launched a campaign, under the concept of #reconnect, to call for ongoing support of the hospitality sector in the wake of the COVID19 crisis and lockdown.

The hospitality sector is being invited to reopen, but this must be done in a safe and sustainable way.

Hundreds of thousands of bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants across Europe will need targeted, ongoing and continued support as consumer confidence gradually recovers.

With increased costs, reduced capacity, fewer customers and decreased sales, it is feared that many bars will have served their last beers.

However, a revitalised hospitality sector, supported by a prosperous brewing sector will mean increased value, revenues and job creation throughout the beer value chain, helping to reignite the wider society and economy.

Therefore, The Brewers of Europe and its members, promoting the interests of ten thousand breweries in Europe, are calling for support to businesses in the hospitality sector.

To ensure a safe and sustainable recovery and support those most hit by the shutdowns, we urge EU, national and local governments to pursue options under existing EU legislation.

Information about those options, and examples of how different countries are responding, can be found at the new campaign web-portal

Top European and world media have run a number of special features over the last week that examine the impact of coronavirus measures on Europe’s hospitality and beer sectors.

People can show their support and share their stories via the web-portal or on social media by using the hashtag #RECONNECT and by tagging @BrewersOfEurope.

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